Preparing your Home to Sell

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Part of attracting the best offer for your Portland home is attracting the widest possible audience of potential buyers. Maintaining a clean, uncluttered environment gives your home the kind of mass appeal you need in today’s competitive real estate market. Tim and Melissa will be able to view your home from a buyer’s perspective and help suggest ways you can enhance your marketability. Depending on your particular circumstances and marketing plan, Tim and Melissa may want to discuss holding an open house. If an open house is part of the marketing strategy, you'll want to take some extra time to prepare your home for that event. Additionally, the digital marketing program implemented by Tim and Melissa will visually promote your home to millions of online buyers. Combining high-quality photography with home staging will increase your odds that a buyer will want to look further into your unique property.

Here are some helpful hints to position your home to sell:

1. Curb Appeal

You may have a beautiful home on the inside, but a buyer may choose to drive away if they are not impressed by your yard and entry. Tidy the landscaping, sweep the driveway and add a little color to the front porch. Minimal pots with hints of color are a perfect eye-catcher. The first impression takes place at the curb. The buyer decides within an instant if they want to come inside or drive away.

2. Paint

The interior and exterior colors should be fresh and tasteful. Stick with rich neutral tones and remove wallpaper whenever possible. Accent walls are great, but remember that not everyone may love pink as much as you do. Even if you have white walls throughout, add a little color by using decorations such as vases, throw blankets, towels and small rugs. Tim and Melissa can make recommendations to create a warm and intimate space that will appeal to buyers.

3. Organize

Make your rooms feel larger by creating wider walkways. Consider renting a storage shed and start moving items that make the rooms feel small – oversized furniture, filing cabinets, kids’ clutter, etc. The way you live in your home today is very different from the way you will want to present it to buyers. Potential buyers will appreciate being able to move freely through your home. Creating a comfortable and spacious environment will make your home stand out from the competition. Remove all personal items such as family portraits, memorabilia and toiletries from countertops. Buyers need to see your home as a clean slate so they can imagine themselves living there.

4. Clean

Give your home a deep clean from top to bottom, including windows, upholstery and carpet, and the refrigerator and oven – yes, buyers actually open them! Vacuum floors, wipe down kitchen and bathroom countertops and empty wastebaskets daily. Keep your pets out of the home during showings and be sure to conceal their food bowls and litter boxes. Subtle touches such as setting the dinner table, placing furniture in empty rooms, and setting out guest towels will help your home be remembered. You want to create a positive impression where your buyer feels at home.

5. Lighting

Lighting is essential when showing your home. Bright lights provide a cheerful atmosphere and make small spaces appear larger. Turn on all the lights, pull back the drapes and open the blinds. Help the buyer get a good feel for the floor plan by providing the best light possible. The combination of these tips along with property specific advice will help create a successful open house.